Dear New Member!
Welcome to the Polythlon University Triathlon Club and the Sashegyi Cheetahs Running Team, which make up the BEAC Triathlon, Swimming, Running and Cycling Division! (:
In the letter below you will find a lot of useful information about the operation of our team, please read it carefully! If you have any questions, please contact us at the email address above!
Who can come to the training:
  • Club member who does not have a membership fee debt (student: 1300 HUF / month, adult: 2000 HUF / month, ELTE employee: free)
  • Students enrolled in a physical education course
coaches contact:
Szabó Gábor: +36 20 288 7258,
Molnár Tamás: +36 30 741 5521,
Borosnyay Virág: +36 20 251 8302,
Membership fee
Student fee: 1.300 HUF / month, 15.600 HUF / year
Adult fee: 2.000 HUF / month, 24.000 HUF / year
Payment process
  • Reference: name: Molnár Tamás, OTP BANK, 11773092-00841742, note: name, paid period
  • Cash: for coaches in person, in a sealed envelope, name + paid period should be written on it
If you don’t have a problem, pay for a full year at a time, but you can also pay in installments.
What do we provide for it?
  • opportunity to participate in 2-4 trainings per day at different levels of knowledge, in 3 types of sports
  • appropriate professional background and assistance
  • training venues (athletics field, swimming pool rentals)
  • club room, dressing and showering facilities before / after workouts
  • pre-posted monthly training plan, in several sports as well
  • organized training camps (cycling, running, triathlon, cross-country ski)
  • self-organized (community) events (eg: year-end, PIPU, Satan Tango, 5vös5)
  • cost of competition licenses, their replacement, proof of it *
  • team communication moderated mailing list, fb group(s), fb site, website
  • 1 team t-shirt per year **
* If you need just a Triathlon (Competition) License pay 4-months membership fee!
** After paying the membership fee for a full year (Jan.-Dec.), Everyone gets a technical team t-shirt that can be picked up at the ceremony!
  • Szabó Gábor: Cheetah advanced running, Running personal trainer
  • Lánszki Emma: Running, Cycling, Triathlon personal trainer
  • Borosnyay Virág: Hajós and Tüske Pool Swimming, Cycling, Swimming personal trainer
  • Molnár Tamás: Tüske Pool Swimming
Entry document:
Entry Form (download, fill out, sign it and send back
Budapest, 2021.11.18.